“Codi has worked on several of my horses. Her calm, focused and pleasant demeanor puts the horses and people at ease. One mare in particular was having pain and soreness affecting her movement in multiple areas throughout her body. I hadn’t ridden her for a few years. After Codi worked on her she is now suitable for light riding, which I’m thrilled about! I would recommend Codi and her work to anyone. Even if your horse doesn’t have noticeable issues that would prompt a call. I say the kind of work Codi is doing is something that should be done on a regular basis as a “check in” with your horse to keep them feeling well and happy.”

—Laura Evans
Breezy Valley Ranch


“Codi has done a great job on my horses. They feel better and perform better after her attention. She really works on developing an individual relationship and understanding of each horse. I SO appreciate the thought and effort Codi puts into each treatment and LOVE that she is so intuitive!”

—Sue Sultze
Double S Quarter Horses

“My mare, Lily, had the privilege of being one of Codi’s clients. I really appreciated Codi’s approach of establishing a connection with Lily and listening to what her body had to say. She didn’t force anything Lily wasn’t comfortable with and gained Lily’s trust so she could progress through each session. Codi was great at explaining the how and why of what she was doing so I could understand as well. I will definitely continue to have Codi treat Lily!”

—Brandie Bruch
Horse Owner